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Housing advice for Northern Ireland


Coronavirus and housing

We are facing an emergency situation. Housing Rights will update this resource as quickly as we can and will make changes as we become aware of new measures and issues which may impact on your housing rights and options. Please get advice if you have particular worries. 

You may be able to claim benefits to help pay your rent if the outbreak of Covid-19 or Coronavirus means you cannot work. Keep your landlord or lender updated if you've got any concerns about making payments or managing your home. 

Talk to your landlord or agent about any concerns you may have. Although a ban on evictions was announced in England and Wales, there haven’t been any major changes announced yet about the rights or private renters in Northern Ireland.


The Landlord Advice NI service has received lots of calls and messages from landlords who are worried about the coronavirus pandemic. Landlords who need advice can contact Landlord Advice on 028 9024 5640, option 5. 

Talk to your landlord if you have any concerns about your housing as a result of the coronavirus crisis. Your landlord will probably have closed its public offices, so you will need to contact them online or by telephone.

Many homeowners are worried about how the coronavirus crisis will impact their ability to pay their bills. Get advice if you are worried about paying your mortgage or rates.

Contact the Housing Executive urgently on 03448 920 908 if you are homeless or if you are being told that you must leave your home.

You may be entitled to help if you are struggling as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

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