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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Housing association repairs

Your housing association must make sure that your home is safe to live in.Your tenancy agreement should explain whether you or your housing association is responsible for repairs.  Ask your landlord for a copy of your agreement if you don’t already have one. 

You’ll be responsible for dealing with many of the repairing issues in your home. Tenants are responsible for decorating the inside of the property, including carpeting and flooring and you’ll also be responsible for looking after your garden. Your landlord will usually deal with any structural problems or faults with the heating, plumbing and electrical systems.

Most housing associations have a Right to Repair scheme for their tenants. The point of these schemes is to make sure that tenants can get low cost, urgent repairs done quickly.

Getting repairs carried out can be a messy business. If the interior of your home is damaged by contractors carrying out repair or improvement work you could be entitled to compensation.

It’s important that your home is warm. If your home isn’t warm enough you could end up getting sick and you might start to see damp appearing in your home.

There are certain steps which you can take to protect your home from bad weather. The best thing you can do to prevent any damage occurring to your home is to make sure that your home is warm and well insulated. Make sure you have enough contents insurance to protect your property in the event of flood damage.