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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

People from Croatia

If you are from Croatia, you will only be eligible for assistance if you

  • Have a worker authorisation document and are working on an authorised scheme
  • Are self-employed
  • Are not required to comply with the worker authorisation scheme.

Only certain Croatian nationals are not required to comply with the worker authorisation scheme. You can get advice from Housing Rights if you’re not sure about your eligibility.

What is “worker authorisation”?

Croatia joined the EU in July 2013. When countries join the EU, they are often subject to restrictions for the first few years of their membership.

The restrictions placed on Croatia means that Croatians can only work in other European countries in certain circumstances.

Certain Croatian nationals will be allowed to work freely in the UK. This may be the case if

  • You have a blue registration certificate because you are highly skilled
  • You were working legally in the UK without any restrictions on 30 June 2013
  • You have a valid UK visa or work permit which was issued before 1 July 2013
  • You have been posted in the UK by an EU company
  • You are a permanent UK resident or have dual nationality of another EEA country
  • You are the partner of a British Citizen

If you don’t meet the exceptions above, you will only be eligible for help if you have been given a purple registration card or if you are self-employed.

The purple registration card is given to Croatian workers who are on an official work scheme and have been sponsored by a licensed employer. Speak to your employer if you don’t have this certificate.    

What counts as “self-employed” work?

The government has to be satisfied that you are really working and that this work is effective. Your work will be seen as genuine and effective if you your profits are enough to make national insurance contributions. This is the equivalent of 24 hours a week at the national minimum wage, or £157 per week in 2017/18.

If your business generates less than this amount, you are not automatically ineligible. But, you will have to show that your work is genuine and effective. You should get advice if your business makes less than this amount and you can speak to Housing Rights for advice.